I was pissed then and I’m pissed now…I saw it differently…I see Steven Stamkos, arguably the best goal scorer, on a full-fledged breakaway and it gets called offside…he saw it differently. In the end we only scored 3 goals—I mean 2 goals—they scored 3.

— Jon Cooper just reamed the officiating in a way that won’t get him fined and it was a great thing to experience (via clarkethesharkmacarthur)

Hockey fans during playoffs


We only scored 3 goals. I mean 2.

— Jon Cooper throwing shade at the Montreal refs (via clarkethesharkmacarthur)

"People thought I was a dirty skank? Fine. I’d be the dirtiest skank they’ve ever seen." - Easy A (2010)

Sophie Jax loves the causeway

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Bahama momma ♡

But first let me take a selfie

Hockey fans during playoffs


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